Timberlane Dental - North Ave

Timberlane Dental Group
Timberlane Dental - North Ave

Timberlane Dental Group focuses on collaborative care, being able to provide all types of care for all ages. To do this they need a clinic that can accommodate different disciplines and provide spaces for patient education and staff collaboration. 

This clinic was designed to replace an aging facility that could no longer accommodate the growing practice. The project provides 7,400 sf of new space. Providing enough natural light to the space would be the biggest challenge in this design. The available space was long and skinny, with storefront only at one end. The design organized the program around two main corridors and provided clerestories along them to bring in more light. The main circulation corridor ties the front entry and reception space all the way to the back of the clinic, with patient education spaces and offices along it. The 12 new treatment rooms are focused around the second corridor. The ample natural light provides not only a much nicer human experience, but also addresses a practical aspect of the clinic which is the need to color balance. What started as the biggest challenge became the highlight feature of the space. S+P worked in conjunction with BSD Interior Design.  

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